(and the audience is on its feet...)

LOST was so good last night I can't even stand it. It was so good that is has inspired me to post an entry again after 6 months. Now that's powerful.

What a terrific piece of television. Two hours was not long enough. I probably could have sat for another hour or two. This, my friends, is what they call a payoff episode. For all you naysayers out there, aren't you a little upset with yourselves for being non-believers half way through the season? I never gave up. I am admittedly often confused and believed that maybe I was the one who just didn't get it. But that idea has been demolished. No, no one has a friggen clue what is going on and that is the true beauty of this show. I accept that and will be the ultimate suspender of belief for the next 3 years if we continue to get episodes such as this.

Jack, Kate, Ben, Locke, Juliette, Sawyer, Jin, Hurley, dear sweet, bad-ass Sayid, et al, I cannot wait til we meet again in '08. Godspeed.