Best. Idea. Ever.

A big thumbs up to Best Buy for being so revolutionary with their work ideals. Check out this article, then send your resume in to Best Buy's headquarters...


Wow. Haven't we all been waiting for someone to blaze the trails with this idea?? Here's to hoping this concept is as viable as we all knew it would be.


Help wanted re: eyebrows

How long does it take for eyebrows to grow back in?? I've been plucking for years, but I would kinda like them to grow back in so I can start all over and possibly get a professional waxer or something to give me that great, face-changing perfect arch to my eyebrows. But I'm wondering how long I'll have to look like I'm completely ignorning my appearance with these straggly hairs that are trying to make their way back in.

Can anyone provide any help on this??