after 9 months.

There was this one time where I felt as though my blog was lacking. It was fluff, it wasn't doing what I wanted it to do. So I went on hiatus. I wasn't sure I would ever return. I was content reading everyone else's and making clever quips on their entries. But then, something happened, something that jolted this blog recluse back into coherence. Although not earth-shattering, it was still something special. Something I had to talk about.

And tonight, it returns. It's all NEW and with the promise of 7 more to follow. This mediocre blogger is thrilled.

I'm still not overly pleased with the direction of this blog. But tonight's event coupled with the fact that we got a brand new couch yesterday and the potential for a hot, crackling fire makes me forget all about my woes.


On the road again.

We traveled to southern Indiana over the weekend to visit family and eat some damn good pizza. Here are a few of our experiences:

  • Jerry Seinfeld = fab. I think he's hilarious. His voice and his delivery are spectacular. My sister-in-law does this thing where she laughs really hard, can't breathe and then starts wheezing. Very loudly. She did that during the show.

  • If you want a good smile, ask a kid who they are voting for for President. My 9-year-old niece said either "the black dude or the white lady". Then later decided the white lady did not have good fashion sense and therefore she would not vote for her.

  • 27 Dresses is an ok movie. It's certainly no contender for the Oscars, but when you're with 5 other women, it's the perfect afternoon waster.

  • Our dog is a great traveler. As long as she feels well. Whoa.

  • We made a withdrawal from the Donut Bank. That's still the best name for a donut place. Ever.

  • My life is not worth living if I don't eat Turoni's pizza once in a while.

The End.


"But I don't wanna be a Pirate"

We're totally going to see Jerry Seinfeld on Friday! We'll be traveling to MD's hometown for the excitement, along with my brother- and sister-in-law. It should be a fun time. I saw him when he came to T-town a few years ago and I actually stopped breathing because I laughed so hard. It was dangerous.

I know there are some haters out there who either didn't care for the show or for him, but his stand-up is quite hilarious regardless of how you felt about the show. I, on the other hand, am a big fan of all things Seinfeld so I'm really looking forward to seeing him again. And we're going to be right up in his biznaz in the 7th row center, courtesy of my mother-in-law. I hope he wears a puffy shirt.

Cannot. wait.


Midwestern Girl for Life.

Today is one of those days that I love. It's cold, but not windy, and sunny. It's just one of those days where you can smell the crisp, clean fresh air. It gets into your lungs but it feels nice. It's also one of those days where I appreciate the above description as I walk to my car in the parking lot, but then can't wait to get home and snuggle by a fire and stay the hell out of it!

This may not make sense to anyone other than me, but I like the way food tastes when you've just taken a bite and then happen to open a door or step outside. It's like the true flavor comes alive. I certainly don't take a bite and then stick my head outside, but it happens sometimes and every time it does I say, "ooh, that was enjoyable!"

I will never move to a warm climate. It's not for me. I need days like today.


Boo to Wednesdays.

It is my belief that Wednesdays are the worst day of the week. As much as people hate Mondays, I rather enjoy them. They go quickly. Wednesdays just drag. And today feels extra long because I'm excited to go home and enjoy the fabulous French Dip that has been simmering in my crock pot all day long. I can smell it from here. No really, I can. Our house is just across the street from work and it smells really beefy outside. My mouth is watering.



We lost power last night for 2 hours. The whole street was out. I'm not sure why. But I do know that it's incredibly challenging to do anything in total darkness. I was folding laundry when the lights went out and since I had starting doing it, I had to finish. So I was folding by the light of my new LED flashlight* that I won in the office White Elephant gift exchange. That was a lucky pick!

The husband was en route for the first hour so I was left to my own devices. I was convinced that someone had done this on purpose so they could break in and hurt me. I had a whole escape plan developed and my phone was with me at all times. It was totally silent, which is a very uncomfortable feeling. I can't live without background noise.

I was scared. I was bored. I was cold. I still tried to do normal things, but it was impossible so I gave up, snuggled with the dog and we read InStyle.

*LED flashlights are awesome. No batteries needed. You just wind it up and it goes forever. Everyone should have one in cases like these. It gave me peace of mind to know that the batteries weren't going to die. Get one.


Mediocrity killed the cat.

I'm not great about blogging. I have no idea why. I love reading everyone else's but just feel a mental block when I go to write one. And then when I do write one, I edit and modify and rewrite the crap out of it. There's a lot of anxiety involved. A lot of anxiety I just don't need. But for those who are still reading this thing, here's an update:

  • We went to Chicago for Christmas to hang with the D family. It was lovely. Had a nice time. Although I was pretty sad being away from my family for the first time ever on Christmas, the D family managed to make it a little less sad because they are fun people who do fun things. They make me laugh.

  • The whole family went to see Wicked. While I enjoyed the singing and such, I just couldn't get into the story. I am a big fan of the Wizard of Oz and can't wrap my head around the Wicked Witch being anything but wicked. But it was well done and I'm glad I saw it. I have such a huge appreciation for people with talent like that. I'm so jealous of them.

  • I found out that I'm going to be an aunt! But this time I'll be a legit aunt, since this baby is coming after my induction to the D family. This will be the first family member that I have seniority over!

  • I was sad to see 2007 go. It was such a fabulous year for me. With the Wedding, Hawaii and seeing the Late Show in person, 2008 really has a lot to live up to.