Aunt Michelle x 9.

My BFF is having a baby soon! Like, 3 days! I'm so beyond excited! And if you know her, or if you've read her blog, you know what a major deal this is for her. She was destined for this job and I could not be more thrilled to see it all come to be.

It's hard for me not to tell her everything about my experiences because I want her to have her own and not worry about what anyone else did. If there's anything that I've learned from having a baby is that everyone (read: EVERYONE) has their own unique experience. No matter what, her delivery will be different from my delivery, her baby will be different from my baby and the way she handles both will be different from the way I handled them. It will be equally as awesome, but different. And I can't think of anything cooler.

I can't wait to meet her little person. I have a thousand stories I will share with him/her (even though I totally think it's a girl!) and the first one will be about how the two of us became friends 25 years ago and how our kids will have no choice but to be friends for life too. So deal with it!

Best wishes Turtle Parade! I will be thinking of you every second! Much love!