Quick note, then I'm off

The wedding was absolutely perfect. Not only because everything was beautiful, but because there wasn't one glitch in the whole day. The weather was awesome, the flowers were spectacular, all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen looked wonderful (and are wonderful), the location was everything that I hoped for and more. And my groom was [insert best adjective you can think of, I'll pick] incredible! I just love him. Everything came together so well and it was the definition of perfect.

I'm so thankful that there were no mini dramas to deal with. It's still crazy to me that we pulled it off so well. It was the wedding day I always dreamed of. Magical. I don't even know how to begin to thank my parents. They have been so loving, thoughtful and generous during this time and throughout my entire life. How on earth I got so lucky to have all of this, I will never know.


And to prolong the perfection a bit further, on Saturday we are off to the Big Island of Hawaii for our honeymoon! I can hardly stand it.


No longer in the middle

The time here at work is winding down until I go on bridal leave. I will soon be leaving as an individual with an alliterated moniker and will return as one half of a 'squared' couple. It's an interesting feeling. I'm not having the "whoa, I'm losing my identity" crisis, but it's still kind of perplexing to know that I won't be who I've claimed to be for the last 29 years, 4 months and 5 days. I'm stepping into the phone booth of life, ripping off my shirt and emerging as a whole new being.

Well, MM, we've led a good life. We've gotten this far without much complaint. Sure, I wish you had had more confidence in yourself and sure I wish you hadn't made some of those decisions and mistakes. But look where it's gotten us. All of life's trials and tribulations have led us to the MD life. And I see a lot of promise over there. There's much more happiness to be found and things to be uncovered. It'll be a whole new world for us. I know we're ready.


One handed countdown

We can now count on one hand the number of days til the wedding! At this point, we are totally golden. Stuff is organized in piles and ready to go. All the details are pretty much complete. The one thing that's left won't take but a mere 30 minutes.

My biggest concern now is making sure that I take the time to remember all of this excitement. Before you know it, I'll be blogging about how great everything was. So I don't want anything else to enter my cranium before Saturday. So don't tell me anything between now and then that you want me to remember. Cause I'm not gonna. But don't worry, come October 21st, I'll totally remember what your license plate number is. I haven't completely lost it, sheesh.

p.s. I must thank the 'fiance for 5 more days' for being one of those helpful fiances and not the kind who just wants to "show up". We rocked and rolled on Sunday. Crossing things off the list, leaving nothing in our wake. Thank you!


Who am I?

We are 10 days out and I am surprisingly calm. Hopefully I'm not jynxing things by saying that. This is not normal for me. I am a worrier. I worry about things big and small. I worry about being worried.

But I'm not worried.

Since when am I not worried? I'm worried I don't know the answer to that. But it's nice to not be worried about the wedding. And it's awfully darn confusing.

I'm not sure who this person is, but I'm beginning to like her.


Some thoughts

  • I think it's rude to tell someone they look good when they've lost weight. I feel it implies that they did not look good before. It seems like a backhanded compliment.

  • I'm speaking generally here, but I think men are naturally more attractive than women. Women make themselves look good, men just are.


Mike, I'm thinking of you today. I know you can do it. Good luck!