Change is good. And it's coming.

I really wish I could explain to you all just how much I wish I could throw myself back into blogging. I want to do it! I need to do it! I feel my connection weaning and I don't like it one bit. I could comment on your blogs all day long, but I feel that's not fair. This is a two-sided relationship. I can't live my life knowing that I expect more from you than I'm willing to give. We all know how those relationships work out.

I think what I need to start with is a new template. I chose from the Plain and Boring catalog when I initially chose this. I thought I was going for simple but I think I ended up with the equivalent of an unsalted, unbuttered rice cake. There's no motivation to visit this blog. And there's no motivation to write on it.

So, I need a change. That "design your own blog" thing that Two Pretzels blogged about a while back is just the thing I need. I'm going to monkey around with that to see what it's all about and see if I'm smart enough to figure it out. I'm eager to see what's out there for poseurs like me.

For funsies, and because I'm committed to this two-way relationship, let's do this: in the comment section, tell me what you would like my first post on my new blog to be about. I'd like to know what the people want because then I can be sure that you'll come back to visit me. I'll choose one winner and just write about it with no prior announcement as to which one I've chosen. Sound like fun? It does to me!