Four Tuesdays.

Stella J. is one month old today! Huh? How? So far, life with her is there-isn't-a-word-to-describe-it-well-enough. WE.LOVE.HER.

So far her likes include: sleeping, eating and pooping. Her dislikes include: not sleeping, not eating and not pooping and Jay Leno. She's growing and filling out quite well. We go to the pediatrician this week, I'm curious to see how she's changed.

You could set your watch to her, she eats every 3 hours to the minute. It's awesome and works out quite well for me to get things done (i.e. nap).

To commemorate her first month of life, we had a photo shoot. Here are 3 of the 300 that I took:

Look at those CHEEKS!

Get me two pieces of bread and some mustard, I'm going to eat this kid!

This photo = epitomy of cuteness!