I have tendencies...

Ones that drive me nuts. And make me breathe hard. And sweat. And consume my everyday thoughts...

"Did I or did I not close the garage door?? Did I or did I not turn off the straightening iron?? Dammit!"

I definitely have some obsessive/compulsive tendencies. I will often turn the car around to double check the garage door - or sometimes call friends to do a drive by and let me know if it's closed - then I'll have to run inside to make sure the straightening iron was unplugged. It's a very unsettling feeling. And I know that if I didn't do these things, I couldn't focus on anything else until I knew for sure. But I am thankful that it's not to the degree to which some people suffer. (Anyone catch the MTV special about this disorder? Wow.) What a difficult way to live.

So, I would consider my tendencies mild, but annoying just the same. Anyone else have tendencies?


Looks like dirt to me

"It was a big clump of dirt," Rogers said as the Tigers knotted the Series at a game apiece. "Dirt and resin and all that stuff put together, when it's moist and you're rubbing up the baseball and it stays on your hand.
"And I wiped it off. I didn't know it was there and they told me and I took it off, and it wasn't a big deal."

- Kenny Rogers, Tigers' kick ass pitcher

Tony LaRussa believes him. Jim Leyland believes him. I believe him. Let's move on.


Tag, you're NOT it... anymore.

I just heard that tag is being banned on school playgrounds during recess. Yes, tag. And here are the reasons why:

1. Risk of injury. (such as falling down)
2. Potential for inappropriate touching.
3. Kids are of varying sizes and may tag someone too hard.

Your thoughts?

I think I'm old.

I tell ya, with technology the way that it is now, and how quickly everything is upgraded and downloaded, I find it hard to keep up. I do not consider myself technologically savvy, I can set up my dvd player, cable AND my old-school Nintendo to my tv (at the same time, thank you very much!) but I cannot download something from itunes, or jam out on my ipod or mp3 player or satellite radio, hell, I probably couldn't even burn a cd. I feel like I have missed the technology boat and have swum myself right into fuddy-duddy town.

But I also think that a lot of that stuff has its time in the sun, then it quickly fades away. And unfortunately I just don't have the expendable income to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy items like these only to have them be obsolete years later. And I just don't feel like i NEED these things.

But I'm glad these things exist, it's nice to know that we keep making advances in our society, but where will it all end?? I can't wait for the day when my phone is the primary hub for all technology, how fun to watch tv on that screen, huh?! Then I'm sure someone will come out with a phone that does just ONE more thing than the phone I have and my phone will suck.

I just hope we don't blow ourselves up. With this heavy reliance on technology, it seems bound to happen. One day, everything will go kaput. I just have that feeling. But maybe it's cause I'm old??


On another note...

I find it ridiculous that famous people are in commercials talking about how great boxed hair dye is. Am I really supposed to believe that Eva Longoria stopped at her local Target and bought a box of L'oreal Feria Chestnut brown hair color and plopped down in her bathroom to do her OWN hair? Yeah right. I'm sure she couldn't have possibly paid $8,000 to have that done.

It's just too unbelievable. And it bothers me.

Anyone I know can be famous.

Wow. A job well done to Dove for creating this campaign about real beauty. We know that famous people are make-upped, done up, plucked, primmed, starved, styled to the nines, and airbrushed to the hilt, but it's still refreshing to see things such as this as a reminder that given the proper committee, anyone could look famous.

Take a look at this "normal" girl go through the star treatment and become almost unrecognizable.



Pinch Me.

The De-troit Tigers. In the World Series. It's true.

A big woohoo and enthusiastic high five to all!!!

It's going to be very difficult for this blogger to sit still waiting for Game 1 on Saturday. The excitement is building!

p.s. I can't believe any of this. To go from the worst (WORST) team in baseball just two years ago, to the World Series... it doesn't get much better than that!! Jim Leyland for President!


I heart family.

This past weekend has solidified for me my desire to be a part of/have a big family. Spent the weekend with the BF’s family and had.a.blast. Seriously, there’s always something going on, somebody telling a story, people laughing, kids running around, it was chaotic and fun, and I just loved it. I love walking into a house and having to give 12 hugs before sitting down. It’s comforting and heartwarming.

My family isn’t like that. First of all, we’re not big. I have a small to medium size family (which has served me well over the past 28 years, let’s be clear.) And secondly, we’re not loud by any stretch of the imagination – on either side of my family. (Although, give my aunt and me some wine and we are by far the loudest of everyone.) Thirdly, and this part saddens me, we’re not a huggy family. And I totally want to be one. But that’s a hard thing to incorporate at this stage of the game, people don’t become huggers overnight. I’d probably get some strange looks and “what’s gotten in to her?” statements.

Sigh. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one day I will be a part of a big, loud, funny family. Or if not, I’ll have to create one of my own. And dammit, I will.

*Please note that I mean no disrespect to my family – I love you all and think you’re great. And I would trade away none of you. Just try to be more loud, K!? :)


They Did It!

Yay! The Tigers beat the Yankees!

Such redemption. I love it!

On to California.


To Wear or What Not to Wear?

This past weekend I was going through some old photos from babyhood to my college years and it got me thinking. . . Now, I consider myself a fashion monger, I love to keep up with trends and the like and find great pleasure in doing so. But when looking through these photos, I thought to myself, "that's something that I thought looked good?" and "perhaps I'm not as fashion forward as I think I am." (Obviously there were some 80's choices that should not have been made, but I'm talking more about the high school/college years.) At the time, I thought everything I was wearing looked great. And I think that now as well. It's not like college was all THAT long ago, so trends haven't changed too, too much.

I guess what I'm saying is, every year I feel like I gain a better understanding of what looks good and what doesn't. But maybe I'm wrong. And I wondered if most people felt that they are getting better looking, either facially or fashionably, as the years go on?? If this is the case, is getting older really that bad of a thing?


My athletic support

Best of luck to the Detroit Tigers tonight as they begin a post-season 5-game series with the (loathsome, dreaded) Yankees!

I speak for everyone when I say that the Yankees have won enough, it's someone else's turn. Their years of bullying need to end. The Tigers deserve to continue. They had the best record in baseball for the vast majority of the season, after many, many dismal years.

I'm rooting for them all the way! Please join me in my support.