It's official!

Well, almost. But more official than it was an hour ago. $40 CASH and a signed declaration that you weren't intoxicated and don't have syphillis will get you one marriage license. Woohoo!


You know who's really funny?

My grandma.

She is nearly 81 years old and is an absolute hoot. What's great about her is that she's not the wild and crazy grandma who is always doing kooky things, she is very into manners and doing the right thing yet she will bust out the funniest, most unexpected one-liners and have the whole family cracking up.

What's even more tickling are her recent purchases: A year ago, she bought a computer with virtually no knowledge of technology whatsoever. At the time of this post, she is still trying to master the double-click. There is nothing funnier than checking my yahoo mail and seeing a forwarded message from her because I know it took her at least 10 minutes to read the directions my Dad wrote down for her in order to send the email. She has also recently purchased a 46-inch flat screen tv, which I can only assume is so she can get a better view of the products on QVC. That, and she loves college football. I dare you to watch a high-intensity Buckeyes game with her and not get excited. You would think you were at the game, in the student section, with your face painted, by all of the hooting and hollering she does.

Five years ago she fought off a purse snatcher in the grocery store parking lot. He told her he had a gun and wanted her purse. Instead of getting scared and handing over her purse, she took her cart and pushed it as hard as she could at him and screamed at the top of her lungs. He ran and was caught the next day. She is the fiestiest 4'9" woman you'll ever meet. And she's healthy as a horse. A rarity indeed.

She's hilarious. And I love her.


Spelling B.

Last week, my co-worker and I were in a spelling bee. It was my third time participating. I just love it - I've always been a good speller and since there really isn't money to be made in Spelling, I have to settle for the yearly Bee to get my jollies. This year, however, was wrought with scandal. In the sixth round, the "pronouncer" misprounced our word. He was corrected by the judges but we had already made up our minds as to how we were going to spell the word. Thus, we were eliminated. But it was a proud showing for us (my personal best out of the 3 years!), leaving approximately 20 out of 32 teams in our wake.

For ever more, I will know how to spell "nihilism". Pronounced nigh-el-ism. NOT knee-el-ism. Ass.


This much fun is illegal.

This picture pretty much sums up my weekend. That's me. On a bull. A mechanical one of course. What a fantastic celebration! My family and friends are just amazing - I love you all! Thank you again for being a part of this ridiculousness!