Stella - month 13.

I feel like Month 13 has been the month of all-of-sudden learning. It's like everything is clicking and I feel like Stella would score really well if she took the ACTs right now. She's becoming a functioning human being who says things and responds to things. She's a yummy little sponge, mimicing everything we do.

When I use hand sanitizer or say " gotta go wash my hands", she'll wring her little hands together just like I do. And when Nora goes outside to go to the bathroom, Stella will stand at the door and wait for her, and then when she sees her, she'll pick up the towel by the door to wipe the snow off of her feet.

She's been picking up the sign language like nobody's business. A couple of weeks ago one of her teachers told me that Stella was sitting at the table and wanted more food, so she gave the sign for "more" and then immediately gave the sign for "please"! She said "more, please!" She's polite to boot! And last night we got home from work/school and she gave me the sign for "eat". Food is very important to this child, especially when it comes in the form of blueberries, raisins and meatballs.

She knows what sound cows, ducks, lions, owls, horses, and microwaves make. We feel it's important that she know animal and appliance sounds. You never know when they might come in handy. Just say the word microwave and she'll beep. She even knows what buttons to push on the microwave to make it turn on (yes, I'm quite the gourmet chef, she's learned from the master).

But she's also getting a little temper. Her favorite way to get you to pick her up is to sit down and throw herself backward so that her little noggin bounces off the floor. Which is less than delightful, especially when done on the kitchen floor. Mike and I have learned when she's about to do it, so we'll grab her shirt and pull her forward. Is there anything worse than hearing the sound of skull meeting tile? Please let this just be a phase. I also wouldn't be mad if she would stop dropping her food on the floor. Nora+broccoli = unpleasantness for all. It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't look you right in the eyes and then drop it, just to spite you. She knows she shouldn't do it because she'll drop it and then shake her head no. These little things are smart I tell ya.

Oh this is too much fun.