Breakin a sweat.

Shew! Nablopomofosho... you're really testing my endurance.

We're in the home stretch. I feel invigorated. I feel ALIVE! I'm gonna try and make these last three posts something epic.

How's everyone doing after this holiday stretch? Solidarity, my brotha and sistas. I'm here for you.


Written Permission said...

I'm still so full. Just the thought of more blogging is making me tired.

Trophy Life said...

i was just thinking that i'm sooooo glad that december is visible on the horizon. i cannot do this one post a day again!!! ugh.

wrestling kitties said...

I am OUT. Done. I have only posted 24 posts this month and I have 2 post days left. I don't think I can cram 6 posts in 2 days.

Ugh, NaBloPoMo....you got me. :(